Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and in consideration of the health and safety, we have decided to postpone the Co-located events.

Big Data Olympiad

In Conjunction with International Conference on Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning (BIM 2021)

September 23-25, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Call for Participation

Big data is a collection of huge data sets that normal computing techniques cannot process. While defining big data we consider several characteristics such as volume, velocity, variety, value, veracity, variability and visualization. At present big data plays a vital role in decision making by analyzing huge volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Big data is an important component of fourth industrial revolution.

Big Data Olympiad aims to find talents those are interested to conduct their innovations and research with this important component of 4.0 IR. The Olympiad will be conducted in three different rounds and top-10 teams will be awarded with prize money and certificates. For better performance at the Olympiad, participants should have good knowledge about the tools and techniques of Big Data. Topics should be related but not limited to the following topics:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Summarization
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Computer Graphics and Image processing
  • Visual Information Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Bioinfomatics and Biomedical data processing
  • Sensor Data Processing
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Geospatial Data Processing
  • Location-based Services Programming Models and Environments
  • Software Techniques and Architectures
  • Heterogeneous Architectures
  • Cryptography
  • Computational Modeling
  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Recommendation Systems and Social Media Systems
  • Information Extraction
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Visualization
  • Data Privacy, Anomaly and APT Detection
  • Data Annonimization
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data Algorithms and Methodology
  • Business Models and Challenges
  • Big Data Analytics for Small Business Enterprises (SMEs), Governments, Public Sectors and Societies in General
  • Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics, Application Development using Large Data Management Frameworks such as MapReduce, Spark Etc.
  • High Performance/Parallel Computing
  • Cyber-infrastructure: Architectures, Design and Deployment; Energy-efficient Computing; Green computing; Cloud and Grid Computing.


  1. The competition is open for any participant with age between 14 and 40.
  2. Participation will be individually or in a group of at most three members. However, the members of the same team cannot use more than one terminal during the competitions. There is no restriction about the affiliation of the participants. Even if there are some members who have no official affiliation, there is no problem.
  3. The competition will be of three rounds and entirely online.
    1. At the first round, there will be a MCQ examination having 100 questions related to Big Data. Based on the results of MCQ examination top-30 teams will be selected. Certificates will be awarded to each of these 30 teams.
    2. At the next round, some big data related problems will be assigned to each of these top 30 teams. Each team will be invited for eight minutes video demonstration via online platform to present their solutions. Based on the evaluation, top-10 projects will be selected. Each of these ten projects will be awarded with certificates and prize money.
    3. At final round, top-03 projects will be finalized and team members of these top-03 teams will be invited to join BIM 2021 at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Foods and accommodation (on share basis by team members of each team) for two-days will be ensured for top-3 teams. Champion and 1st and 2nd runner ups as well as the ranking of remaining teams will be declared at the closing ceremony of BIM 2021. All other participants of the competition will have the opportunity to participate at BIM 2021 virtually.

Submission and Registration Information

 Pls follow the link below to submit your project: 


Registration Fee: 1,000/=

Please complete your payment from NAGAD/BKASH account using Send Money option 01766529027

For any query, suggestion or question, pleases contact with Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, Organizing Chair, BIM 2021 at the email: sarefin@cuet.ac.bd, +880 1716 890204

Award Information

  1. Champion:
    1. Prize Money
    2. Certificate and crests
    3. Food and hotel accommodation (in share basis, AC room) for two days
    4. Participation in all sessions of BIM 2021
  2. 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up:
    1. Prize Money
    2. Certificate and crests
    3. Food and hotel accommodation (in share basis, AC room) for two days
    4. Participation in all sessions of BIM 2021
  3. Position 4th to 10th :
    1. Prize Money
    2. Certificate in frames
    3. Virtual Participation in all sessions of BIM 2021
  4. Position 11th to 30th :
    1. Participation certificates
    2. Virtual Participation in all sessions of BIM 2021

Important Dates

  1. Participation Registration deadline: July 30, 2021
  2. Online MCQ Examination: August 10, 2021
  3. Announcement of top-30 teams: August 12, 2021
  4. Problems assignment for top-30 teams: August 20, 2021
  5. Video Presentations and demonstrations of top-30 teams: August 30, 2021
  6. Declaration of top-10 teams: September 05, 2021
  7. Problems assignment for top-10 teams: September 06, 2021
  8. Video Presentations and demonstrations of top-10 teams: September 15, 2021
  9. Declaration of top-3 teams: September 16, 2021

Advisory Committee

Mohammad Kaykobad, Brac University, Bangladesh

Mozammel Huq Azad Khan, EWU, Bangladesh

Hafiz Md. Hasan Babu, DU, Bangladesh

Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, CU, Bangladesh

Md. Mahbubur Rahman, MIST, Bangladesh

Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Rameswar Debnath, KU, Bangladesh

Md. Abdur Razzaque, DU, Bangladesh

Mohammod Abul Kashem, DUET, Bangladesh

Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal, RUET, Bangladesh

Mufti Mahmud, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, CUET, Bangladesh

Shamim Kaiser, JU, Bangladesh

Md. Mokammel Haque, CUET, Bangladesh

Md. Obaidur Rahman, DUET, Bangladesh

Kamruddin Nur, AIUB, Bangladesh

Firoz Mridha, BUBT, Bangladesh

Organizing Committee

Organizing Chair

Tanimul Bari, Bangladesh Computer Council

Organizing Secretary

Animesh Roy, CUET, Bangladesh


Muhammad Kamal Hossain, CUET, Bangladesh

Md. Ahsan Habib, MVSTU, Bangladesh

Sajeeb Saha, Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Shayla Sharmin, CUET, Bangladesh

Md. Shafiul Alam Forhad, CUET, Bangladesh

Omar Sharif, CUET, Bangladesh

Billal Hossain, CUET, Bangladesh

Md. Atiqul Islam Rizvi, CUET, Bangladesh

Sabiha Anan, CUET, Bangladesh

Dewan Aminul Islam, North South University, Bangladesh

Md. Jamil Istiaq, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), Bangladesh

Raisa Tabassum Chowdhury, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Lamiya Ahmed, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

Md. Hasan Imam Bijoy, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

Nayna Jahan Neha, BRACU, Bangladesh

Anika Tasnim, BRAC University, Bangladesh

Md Mahmudul Islam Rifat, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Kaniz Fatema Antora, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Bangladesh