Keynote Speakers

John H.L. Hansen

CRSS: Center for Robust Speech Systems
Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science
The University of Texas at Dallas

Title: Coming Soon (Details..)

Yasushi Makihara, D.Eng.

Professor,Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies,
Osaka University, Japan
Concurrent affiliation: The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR))

Title: Video-based Gait Analysis and Its Applications (Details..)

Prof. Nikola Kasabov

Fellow, IEEE
Department of Computer Science
Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

Title: Deep Learning in Spiking Neural Networks for Spatio-Temporal Data: Methods, Systems, Applications

Chanchal K. Roy, Ph. D

Software Research Lab
Professor, Department of Software Engineering / Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Title: A Machine Learning Based Framework for validating code clones from Big Code (Details..)

Prof (Dr) V.R. Singh

Life Fellow, IEEE
Associate Editor, IEEE-TIM and Regional Editor of Int Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.
National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi India

Title: Current Nano-Sensors and IoT Systems for Ubiquitous Health Care (Details..)

Dr. Hafiz Md. Hasan Babu

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology,
University of Dhaka
Former President, Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS)

Title: Quantum Computing: The Future of Big Data (Details..)

Dr. Mohammad Hammoudeh

Chair in Cyber Security
Department of Computing and Mathematics
Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom

Title: Blockchain as a Trustless Security Architecture for Intelligent Critical National Infrastructure (Details..)

Dr. Fakhrul Alam

Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Massey University
New Zealand

Title: Indoor Positioning System: GPS for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings Leveraging Machine Learning and Internet of Things (Details..)

Dr. Cornelius Glackin

Head of Research
Intelligent Voice Ltd
United Kingdom

Title: Advances in speech and language technology: an industry 4.0 perspective (Details..)

Dr. M. Julius Hossain

Research Scientist,
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Title: A Quantitative Approach to Study Human Cell Division (Details..)