Invited Speakers

Nikola Banovic

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Bob and Betty Beyster Building (BBB) 2630 2260 Hayward Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA

Title: Detecting and Countering Untrustworthy Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Banani Roy

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

Title: AI-based Human-centric Tools and Techniques for Software Maintenance and Renovation


Prof. Shiqi YU (于仕琪)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology,Shenzhen, China

Title: Gait recognition: the progress and the challenges


Mohammad Ali Moni

Senior Research Data Scientist
Big Data Institute
University of Oxford, UK

Title: AI, IoT and NLP Based Smart Digital Health Care System


Dr Md Aktaruzzaman

Cybersecurity Researcher
Victoria University
Melbourne, Australia

Title: Exploring the Dynamic Interplay Between Human Expertise and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity Practices


Dr. Ahmed Wasif Reza

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Additional Director, Quality Assurance, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
East West University, Bangladesh

Title: Green IoT: A Review and Potential Future Trends


Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman

Leader for the solutions architecture team for startups
Amazon Web Services

Title: Modern Applications with Generative AI


Md. Mukarram Husain

Head of Operations
bracNet Limited

Title: Shaping Education Technology Ecosystem in Bangladesh


Dr. Tanupriya Choudhury

Senior Associate professor
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies,Dehradun

Title: HCI Recent Trends and future in Research Directions


Tahera Hossain, PhD

Assistant Professor
Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan

Title: Physiological and behavioral data analysis and modeling human behavior for health and wellbeing: From Lab to Field



Postgraduate Researcher
Department of Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology
New Jersey, United States

Title: Unlocking Creativity and Control: Navigating the Landscape of Large Language Model Fine-Tuning for Enhanced Performance