Final List of Accepted and Registered Papers

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Paper Id Paper Title Registered Authors
110 A System that Analyzes Bengali Text on Facebook Posts Using Machine Learning to Spot Suspicious Content Meherun Nesa Shraboni
112 Noise Aware based Texture Descriptor, Evaluation Adjacent Distance Local Ternary Pattern EAdLTP for Image Classification Maria Akter Misty
114 Towards COVID-19 Detection Information System based on AIoT Md. Atiqur  Rahman
117 A Robust Deep Learning Based Hybrid Model to Detect Covid-19 Using Chest X-ray Md. Shahariar Sarkar Limon
122 Drinking Water Quality Analysis and Prediction Using LSTM: Safe Drinking Water for School Children Al-Akhir Nayan
127 Explainable AI-based Heart Attack Prediction Model using Various Machine Learning and Ensemble Learning Approaches Md Istakiak Adnan Palash
130 Communication Traffic Characteristics Reveal an IoT Devices Identity Rajarshi Roy Chowdhury
134 An expert system to monitor and risk assessment of chronic disease patients using FTOPSIS Shefayatuj Johara Chowdhury
137 Predicting Heart Block and its Type using Ensemble-based Machine Learning Md Badiuzzaman Biplob
138 A Hypergraph-Based Approach to Recommend Online Resources in a Library Rajarshi Roy Chowdhury
140 Churn Prediction in the Tours & Travel Industry Using Machine Learning Syed Mominin Islam Tamim
143 ESP32-based IoT Architecture for Multi-Data Center Monitoring with MQTT Protocol and Node-RED Analytics Md Shakil Tanvir
146 Field Programmable Gate Array in DNA Computing Fatema Akter
149 A Deep CNN-Based Approach for Revolutionizing Bengali Handwritten Numeral Recognition Sudipta Progga Islam
151 A Multi-Branch CNN-LSTM Based Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable and Smartphone Sensors Mst Alema Khatun
152 Transfer learning-based approach to detect crop disease using android application Md. Sefatullah
153 A Reversible Transformer Based Bangla Conversational Agent MD FATIN ISHRAK, JANNATUN NAHAR
154 Real-time Full-Stack University Bus Tracking System Based on IoT Md. Saifur Rahman
155 Tomato Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network Shamima Parvez
166 URL Based Website Classification Using Deep Learning and Word Based Multiple N-gram Models Sultan Mahmud
169 An Automated Recognition system for Thyroid Nodule Ultrasound images using Convolutional Neural Network MD. SHIMUL HUSSAIN
170 Towards Deep Autoencoder for Recommendation System Using Implicit Feedback Ajoy Deb Nath
172 Malnutrition Prediction among under-five children using Machine learning techniques Monoronjon Dutta
180 Air Pollution or Gases Behind Toxicity for People Awareness Munira Ferdous
185 Gait Recognition from Occluded to Reconstructed Gait Cycle Using Deep Learning Md. Mehedi Hasan
187 Prediction of Depression Severity via Feature Grouping and Machine Learning with Burn Depression Checklist Tumpa Rani Shaha
188 A Novel Teachnique for Classification of Motor Imagery EEG Signal Based on Deep Learning Approaches Ilma Hossain
192 A deep learning approach to predict crypto-currency price by evaluating sentiment and stock market correlations Ananya Subhra Trisha
197 An Ensemble Learning Approach For Multiclass Skin Cancer Classification Nadia Ahmed Sharna, Emamul Islam
200 Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Methods  for Symptoms Based COVID-19 Detection Afrin Sultana Olpi. AFRIN SULTANA OLPI
201 RiceNet: Accurate Classification of Rice Varieties using Convolutional Neural Networks Dr Firoz  Mridha
208 Vehicle Name Plate Detection and Blurring from social media images using image processing and Deep learning Ismail Hossain
212 Analysis The Problems of Typical Building Management System in Bangladesh: An Approach to IoT based Automated Building Management Md. Abdus Shabur
213 Attention Mechanism-enhanced Deep CNN Architecture for Precise Multi-Class Leukemia Classification Tahsen Islam Sajon
216 DCNN-SMD: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model to Diagnosis, Prognosis and Characterise Sperm Morphology Abdullah Al Nomaan Nafi
220 Muslim Salat Gesture Recognition Framework: Integrating Deep Transfer Learning and Machine Learning Md. Moradul Siddique
221 Multi-Class Brain Tumor Classification with DenseNet Based Deep Learning Features and Ensemble of Machine Learning Approaches Shakil Mahmud Shuvo
225 Performance Analysis of Multiple Deep Learning Models for Image Retrieval Problems Swajan Golder
226 Peripheral Blood Smear Image Based Blood Cancer Detection Using Transfer Learning Md. Atiqur  Rahman
229 An Open-source Voice Command-based Human- Computer Interaction System using Speech Recognition Platforms Sheikh Jahan Ahmed
231 Strengthening Transparency, Privacy and Protection Against Political Intervention in Journalism using Blockchain and IPFS Saha Reno
232 A Proposed Sequential Network Analysis for Identification of Hub Genes for Therapeutics in Tuberculosis and Its Overlaying Non-Communicable Disorders Md. Zahid Hasan
236 Breast Cancer Prediction Using Chemical Reaction Optimization and Classifier Saikat Majumder
238 SCGNet-Stacked Convolution with Gated Recurrent Unit Network for Cyber Network Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Type Classification Rahul Deb Mohalder
240 An Effective Dimensionality Reduction Workflow for the Enhancement of Automated Date Fruit Recognition Utilizing Several Machine Learning Classifiers Md Abu Ismail Siddique
242 Intrusion Detection System for IoT Network Security via XGBoost Shoaib Hassan
243 A Data-driven Approach to Predict Scores in T20 Cricket Match Using Machine Learning Classifier Md. All Shahoriar Tonmoy
244 Transfer-learning-based feature extractor performance analysis to classify black gram leaf disease Showmick Guha Paul
245 Leveraging Attention Mechanisms to Enhance EfficientNet for Precise Analysis of Chest CT Images Md Rakibul Haque
246 An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach with Hybrid Feature Selection Technique to Detect Thyroid Disease Fahim Mohammad Sadique Srijon
248 Study on the Analysis and Prediction of Drug Addiction among University Students of Bangladesh Using Machine Learning Md Afzal Ismail
249 Intelligent Learning Behavior Profiling System for Student Based on Fuzzy Agent Model Silvia Sifath
250 Design & Analysis of an IoT Based Liquid Flow Control & Quality Monitoring System Md. Abdus Shabur
252 Quantifying Shifts in Word Contexts from Social Media Data Kawshik Banerjee
255 Computing Skyline Query on incomplete Data Md Sazedur Rahman
257 BHSGR-Net: A Light-Weight Convolutional Neural Architecture for Recognition of Bengali Hand Sign Gestures Rahul Reza Roky
260 BanglaOngko: A New Dataset for Accurate Bengali Mathematical Expression Detection Utilizing YOLOv8 Architecture Sudipta Progga Islam
263 A Romanisation Method for the Bengali Language with Efficient Encoding Scheme Amrita Das Tipu
264 BCNet-11: A dilated convolutional neural network for breast cancer classification using histopathology images Sadman Sakib
265 Pandemic Prediction and Prevention in Bangladesh by Data Mining Approach Md. Nazmus Sakib
266 An Ensemble Approach for Bangla Handwritten Character Recognition Samver Jahan Mormo
268 Early Prediction of Breast Cancer using Deep Learning Models Dr Firoz  Mridha
271 Multi-label Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews of Online Shop Animesh Chandra Roy
274 Advancing Lung Cancer Diagnosis through Deep Learning and Grad-CAM based Visualization Techniques Fariha Haque
276 Empowering Women’s Safety through IoT-based Wearable Devices: A Framework for Real-time Monitoring and Alerting Suraiya Amin Barsha
278 Sentiment Analysis from YouTube Video using BiLSTM-GRU Classification MD FIROZ HASAN
279 Impacts of passenger request trends on ride-sharing system performance Sayem Ahmed
281 Brain Tumor Segmentation with Efficient and Low-Complex Architecture Using RCNN and Modified U-Net Ananta Raha
283 Can Machine Learning Help Identify Suicidal Tweets? An Ensemble Classifier Approach Sabiha Firdaus
284 Chest-InfNet: A Deep Learning Architecture for Lung Diseases Detection and Infected Region Localization from Chest X-Ray Images Shourin Paul
285 Ensemble-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Brain Tumor Segmentation from MRI Images A. F. M. Minhazur Rahman
288 An Interpretable Systematic Review of Machine Learning Models for Predictive Maintenance of Aircraft Engine ABDULLAH AL HASIB, Md. Ashikur Rahman
289 Evaluating the Reliability of CNN Models on Classifying Traffic and Road Signs using LIME Sanjid Islam Chowdhury
290 Preventing Skin Cancer through Improved Skin Lesion Recognition: An Attention-Triplet and Multi-Layer Ensemble Based CNN Approach Anwar Hossain Efat
293 Multichannel Attention Networks with Ensembled Transfer Learning to Recognize Bangla Handwirtten Charecter MD FARHANUL HAQUE
294 ICDP: An Improved Convolutional Neural Network Model to Detect Pneumonia from Chest X-Ray Images Khan Md Hasib
295 Gender Abusive Language Detection in Bengali Using Machine Learning Algorithms Zuairia Raisa Bintay Makin, Sumaiya Rahman.

Barisha Chowdhury,

Farhana Rahman and Mayeesha Farjana

296 Wireless Synchronization of Multiple Motors for Industry 4.0 using IoT Technology Md. Abu Nayeem
297 A Study on Different SVM Kernels with Suitable PreProcessing Technique and Parameter Optimization for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction Sheikh Farhana Binte Ahmed
298 Design and Implementation of Cost Effective Automatic Water Pump Controlling System for Domestic Application using IoT Md. Reazul Islam
300 Explainable Automated Brain Tumor Detection using CNN Hasan Sarker
301 An Efficient Machine Learning Classification Model for Rainfall Prediction in Bangladesh Md Badiuzzaman Biplob
302 AI Based Cloud Failure Detection And Prevention Algorithm MAHARSHI NILOY
303 Deep Feature Fusion Based Effective Brain Tumor Detection and Classification Approach Using MRI Farjana Parvin
304 An ensemble-based machine learning approach to identify  SARS-CoV-2 virus infection by analyzing S protein sequences Md. Zahid Hasan
305 A Comparative Analysis of Various Deep Learning Models for Traffic Signs Recognition from the Perspective of Bangladesh Md. Mahbubur Rahman Tusher
306 Protein Structure Prediction Using Feature Selective Support Vector Machines Md. Golam Morshed Raju
307 Gastrointestinal Disease Classification through Explainable and Cost-Sensitive Deep Neural Networks with Supervised Contrastive Learning Dibya Nath
308 Enhancing pneumonia diagnosis: an ensemble of deep CNN architectures for accurate chest X-ray image analysis Shah Muhammad Azmat Ullah
309 Development of a Deep Learning Classification Model for Improved Rainfall Prediction in Ireland Md Badiuzzaman Biplob
311 An Automated Tool To Generate Requirement Diagrams From Natural Language Requirements Md. Shahadat Anik Sheikh
312 Rank Your Summaries: Enhancing Bengali Text Summarization via Ranking-based Approach Tonmoy Talukder
315 Permutation Feature Importance-Based Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prediction using ANN Nurzahan Akter Joly
316 Road Accidents Severity Prediction Using A Voting Based Ensemble ML Model Kazi Fahad
318 Blockchain Methodology for Securing Data within Deep-learning based Prediction and Observation on Time-Security Trade-off Atanu Shome
319 Sentiment Analysis of Bangla Text Using Transformer Based Model S.M. Shadman Sakib
320 COVID-19 Distance Learning Understanding Classification using Scalogram Based on Transfer Learning and Principal Feature Classifier from EEG Signals Subrata Kumer Paul
322 Large Ensemble of Transfer-Learned Models for Plant Disease Recognition from Diverse Leaf Images MARIA CHOWDHURY
326 Dataset for Road Roughness Assessment Using Image Classification Techniques and Deep Learning Models: A Case Study on Bangladeshi National Highways Fahim Hossain Ani
328 Bengali Hate Speech Detection with BERT and Deep Learning Models Dhrubajyoti Das
329 Exploring the Intersection of Machine Learning and Explainable Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis and Validation of ML Models Through XAI For Intrusion Detection FARNAZ FAWAD HASAN,

Masroor Rahman,

Naima Ahmed Nup.

Reshad Karim Navid.


332 Federated Transfer Learning for Vision-based Fall Detection Durjoy Mistry
333 Extracting Clinically Relevant Phrases from Patient Notes using BERT and Multi-Teacher Knowledge Distillation Koushik Howlader
338 Enhancing E-Commerce Platforms with Proof of Authority: A Comprehensive Exploration and Application of Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms Saha Reno
340 XAI-Driven Model Explainability and Prediction of P2P  Bank Loan Default Network Md.Mahmudul Islam
341 An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach to Classify Parkinsons Disease from Voice Signal Md. Mahedi Hassan
343 Classify Parkinson Disease from MRI Sample Based On Hybrid Feature Extraction Method Zinnia Sultana Mukti
350 Age Estimation from Human Facial Expression using Deep Neural Network Md. Ashiqur Rahman
353 DPoS-based Blockchain Payments for Electrified Roads: Ensuring Security, Efficiency and Transparency Saha Reno
359 Detecting Depression from Social Media Posts Using Comprehensive Machine Learning Approaches with TF-IDF and N-Grams Prashant Karna
361 Dominance by Stability: A Framework for Top k Dominating Query On Incomplete Data Faruk Hossen
362 A CNN-based Drowsiness Detection to Achieve More Accuracy in Comparison with Pre-trained CNN Models Anup Kumar Malakar
364 Spam Email Detection using Comparative Machine Learning Anup Kumar Malakar
369 An Ensemble Approach and Comparison of LSTM, Bi-LSTM, and GNN Models to Predict Protein Secondary Structure. Arifur Rahman
370 Phylogeny reconstruction using k-mer derived transition features Mohammad Khairul Islam
371 Psychological Stress Prediction of Human Using Machine Learning Algorithms M. Raihan
373 Color Image Encryption based on Multiple Chaotic Maps and Substitution Box Md Ahsan Habib
375 EEG Signal based Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection  through Normalized Mutual Information and  Convolutional Neural Network Zahrul Jannat Peya
378 An Approach to Ensure Public Safety Using Masked Face Recognition Jafrin Iqbal Chowdhury
379 Building an Affective Database for Emotion Detection from Natural Bangla Text K. M. Azharul Hasan
385 Computer-Aided Strategy to Diagnose Lung Cancer from CT-Scan Images Using Inception Architecture Ahmed Wasif Reza
386 Face Mask Detection Using CNN: Ensuring Safety During COVID- 19 Ahmed Wasif Reza
387 Improving Solar Panel Efficiency: A CNN-Based System for Dust Detection and Maintenance Aditta Ghosh
388 Improving the Efficiency of Waste Management with a Residual Network-Based Framework Ahmed Wasif Reza
391 A Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Workload of Virtual Machines in Green Cloud Computing Ahmed Wasif Reza
392 An Optimized Framework for Energy Efficiency and Resource Allocation on Cloud Environment Using Machine Learning Algorithm Ahmed Wasif Reza
394 Designing the Most Eco-Friendly Spatial Landscape and Natural Environment Using A* Path Finding Algorithms Ahmed Wasif Reza
396 Green Mobile Edge Computing System In 5G Based Medicare System Ahmed Wasif Reza
399 A Digital Certificate Forgery Prevention using Blockchain Technology Farzana Akter
401 Risk Evaluation of Explosive and Flammable Chemicals Using Fuzzy Inference System Abdul Aziz
403 Rainwater Harvesting and Reducing Biological Threat of Utilizing Ahmed Wasif Reza
407 CTFCP: A Cloud-based Deep Transfer Learning Framework for Analyzing Chest X-Ray Images to Detect Pneumonia Ahmed Wasif Reza
408 Automated Bone Age Assessment using Deep Learning with Attention Module MAISHA FAHMIDA
409 Yoga Pose Classification Using Transfer Learning Rahul Deb Mohalder
410 Offensive Language Detection in Gaming Live Stream using Transfer Learning Ferdousi Haque
413 Smart Railway Crossing System (SRCS) Using IoT Philosophy: Bangladesh Context Amit Chakraborty Chhoton
420 Design Implication of a Compact-Sized, Low-Fidelity Rover for Tough Terrain Exploration Mir Oliul Pasha Taj
421 Bornomala: A CNN Ensemble approach for Bangla Sign Language Detection. Arifur Rahman
425 Brain ischemic stroke segmentation using ensemble deep learning Rathin Halder
427 Predicting Stress in Bangladeshi University Students: A LIME-Interpretable Machine Learning Approach Mohammad Tanvirul Islam
430 Approximating the Survival Possibility of Post Thoracic Surgery for Lung Cancer using Machine Learning Anika Tasnim Islam
431 Road Damage Detection and Classification using YOLOv7 Abdullah As Sami
433 A Blockchain System for a Decentralized and Safe Educational Record Archive Sabiha Firdaus
435 The Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms to Find the Career path by Bloom’s Taxonomy Evaluation Md. Hasan Imam Bijoy
436 Privacy Preservation of Multivariate Sensitive Data Using Hybrid Perturbation Technique Mahit Kumar Paul
437 Classification of Aloe Vera Leaf Diseases Using Deep Learning MD Abdul Malek
440 An Explainable AI Enable Approach to Reveal Feature Influences on Social Media Customer Purchase Decisions Md Omar Faruk, Radiya Binte Reza
441 VioNet: An Enhanced Violence Detection Approach for Videos Using a Fusion Model of Vision Transformer with Bi-LSTM and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks MD AKIL RAIHAN IFTEE
442 Fuzzy-based Model for Perceived Value and Customer Satisfaction in Fine Dining Dipanjali Kundu
443 Early detection of system failure using machine learning techniques Hasibul Islam
446 Towards Bengali Health Text Identification using Deep Learning Technique Sadia Afroze
448 Forecasting Crucial Biogeochemical Indicators of the Southern Ocean for Climate Monitoring Using Modified Kernel-Based Support Vector Regression Asif Mohammed Saad
449 Brain Tumor Detection Using Fine-Tuned ResNet-101 on Magnetic Resonance Images Md. Abdul Wahab
450 Revolutionizing Smart Town Surveillance Systems: A Framework for Implementing Drone-Based IoT and AI Technologies Maliha Anam
455 Time- Frequency Analysis using fNIRS Signal for Pain Detection on Hemodynamic Response Sheikh Md. Rabiul Islam
458 An Improved Ensemble Model for Intent Classification of Bangla Chatbot Solaiman Ahmed
460 An Improved Skew Detection and Correction Method for Bangla Handwritten Document Using Orthogonal Regression and Connected Component Analysis Faisal Imran
461 Developing an Interpretable Machine Learning Model for Divorce Prediction Md. Shahriare Satu
463 Automated Agricultural Pests Identification using Convolutional Neural Network-based Transfer Learning Md. Hasan Imam Bijoy
465 Riot Perception and Safety Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles using Deep Learning Md. Mahfujur Rahman
466 Efficient Location Prediction in MANETs using Machine Learning-Based Node Mobility Forecasting Md. Hasan Imam Bijoy
468 Identifying Hidden Factors For Verbal Harassment Comments on Social Media Mrinmoy Karmokar
470 Enhancing Diagnosis: An Ensemble Deep Learning Model for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification Karl Andersson
471 A Novel Approach to Detect Stroke from 2D Images using Deep Learning Karl Andersson
472 Monitoring Plant Growth in Plant Factories: A Smart IoT Solution Muhammad Raisuddin Ahmed

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